IBM Rational Updates DAD Process Offerings

IBM has recently published updates to the DAD process template for IBM Rational Team Concert and their DAD process definition for IBM Rational Method Composer.

5 thoughts on “IBM Rational Updates DAD Process Offerings

  1. Tom

    I’m curious how the decision points in DAD are manifested in RTC. My guess is a work item, but not sure. We’re doing a team transformation to agile and we plan on using RTC with DAD.

  2. scottwambler

    Tom, I’ve asked the person whom I believe to be most knowledgeable about this plug in to respond. If you don’t hear anything within a week I guess the best bet is to email IBM.

  3. Carson Holmes

    Sorry for not responding sooner. The DAD process template in it’s current state (both mine and IBMs) does not track decision points in the DAD decision framework…but this is an excellent idea! There is a retrospective work item that could be used for this somewhat, but not ideal. I will add this work item type in time for my Innovate presentations.

    Also, you may want to look at the Software Development Practice Advisor, which keeps track of practice decisions, a dynamic playbook, human resources/skills, and measures practice efficacy for each iteration with data integrated from ALM solutions. Forward engineering of process templates for ALM solutions is also coming later this year. Overlaying the DAD goal-based decision points as another view for configuring practice choices in Advisor is also being discussed.

  4. Anonymous

    The last time I spoke with IBM about this there was very limited support for development of RMC process materials.


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