Tool Support for Discplined Agile Delivery (DAD)


We recently posted a new page titled Tool Support for DAD which you may find interesting.

One thought on “Tool Support for Discplined Agile Delivery (DAD)

  1. Mike Elledge

    Hi Scott–

    I found your DAD article interesting, in particular your distinction between potentially shippable software and consumable solutions in Agile Development (AD). Without trying to limit DAD’s application, I wonder if one of its objectives is to ensure that user experience (UX) has a more prominent role in the development process. The tension between delivering working code and delivering code that is usable comes up often in the AD literature.

    The solution proposed most often seems to be to conduct UX research in the product planning or strategy phase, when requirements are being gathered, so that usability challenges are identified before development takes place. A complementary tactic is to conduct quick and dirty UX at the very beginning of iterations so it can better inform subsequent design.

    I wonder if this makes sense to you, or if there is some other adjustment that you feel has to take place in AD that is being overlooked.


    Mike Elledge
    Usability Specialist
    Ford Motor Company


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