Update: Identify Initial Technical Strategy Goal

The past few months we’ve been queuing up potential updates to several goal diagrams, updates that we are now applying.  Over the next week or so we will be releasing these updates to the site.  The first goal that we are updating is Identify Initial Technical Strategy, an Inception Phase goal.   The new version of the diagram is follows, as does a summary of the changes that we made and the previous version of the diagram.

The New Version of the Goal Diagram

Identify Initial Technical Strategy
We made the following changes to the diagram:

  1. Renamed several process factors so that they would start with a verb.  For example, Level of Detail was renamed Choose the Level of Detail.  This is basically a style issue that we will be applying going forward.
  2. The biggest change is that we split the factor View Types into Explore Technology Architecture, Explore Business Architecture, Explore User Interface (UI) Architecture, and Consider the Future.  We want to make the model type options clear as many people found View Types to be too abstract of a concept.
  3. We reworked the options for Apply Modeling Strategy to be clearer – Informal modeling sessions became Agile modeling (informal) sessions and Formal Modeling Sessions became Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions.
  4. In Choose the Level of Detail the “None” option was reworded to “No Models” to a make this more explicit.

The Previous Version of the Goal Diagram

Identify Initial Technical Strategy v2


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