Update: Identify Risks goal


We’ve updated the goal diagram for Identify Risks, an Inception Phase goal.  The new version of the diagram is follows, as does a summary of the changes that we made and the previous version of the diagram.

The New Version of the Goal Diagram

Identify Risks

We made the following changes to the diagram:

  1. Introduced the Identify Risks process factor.  This factor came about from our observation at several organizations that teams go about identifying risks via several techniques, so we decided to explicitly call them out.  Yes, this name can be a bit confusing seeing as it’s the same as the goal name.
  2. Introduced the Classify Risks process factor.  There are several ways that risks can be classified.  We’ve added qualitative risk analysis (something we’ll blog about in the future) as well as options for quantitive analysis for teams working in situations where sophisticated analysis is warranted – our advice is always to keep it as simple and light-weight as possible.
  3. Updated the Capture Risks process factor.  We added Risk register/database as an option after seeing several organizations use reasonably sophisticated tooling to track their risks.  Please note that Capture Risks was originally Documentation Strategy.
  4. We renamed the process factors to begin with a verb.  This is something that we’re doing with all goal diagrams.  So for example, Risk Views became Explore Risks and Level of Detail became Document a Risk.
  5. We removed the “None” options. Our new style is to only indicate None as an option when not doing something is an important choice, particularly in an organization that is early in its transition to agile ways of working.


The Previous Version of the Goal Diagram

Identify Risks

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