Update: Move Closer to a Deployable Release


We’ve updated the goal diagram for Move Closer to a Deployable Release, a Construction Phase goal.  The new version of the diagram is follows, as does a summary of the changes that we made and the previous version of the diagram.

The New Version of the Goal Diagram

Move Closer to a Deployable Release

We made the following changes to the diagram:

  1. We renamed the process factors to begin with a verb.  This is something that we’re doing with all goal diagrams.
  2. We removed several of the “None” options. Our new style is to only indicate None as an option when not doing something is an important choice, particularly in an organization that is early in its transition to agile ways of working.
  3. Introduced Maintain Traceability.  Used to be lumped into Asset Management (now Manage Assets).  Generating the traceability from test code is a fairly common strategy for teams following an ATDD/BDD approach to requirements specification and TDD to design specification (with a test-first/driven approach traceability is a side effect).
  4. Indicated that Manage Assets options are ordered.  The strategies towards the top of the list are generally more effective that the strategies towards the bottom.


The Previous Version of the Goal Diagram

Move Closer to a Deployable Release

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