Accelerate Value Delivery

This Construction process goal describes how our team will ensure that our solution is ready to be deployed (it was formerly called Move Closer to a Deployable Release). This goal addresses testing, configuration management, configuration management, automation, and deployment aspects of development. To be effective, we need to consider several important questions:

  • How will we deploy our solution?
  • How can we automate our infrastructure, and adopt an infrastructure as code strategy?
  • How will we manage the assets that we produce?
  • How will we approach software configuration management (SCM)?
  • Do we need to maintain traceability, and if so how will we do it?
  • What planning do we need to perform to successfully deploy?
  • How will we test and validate our solution?

More Information

The strategies/practices referenced in the goal diagram above are described, including the trade-offs involved and considerations for when (not) to apply them, in the book Choose Your WoW! A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook for Optimizing Your Way of Working. If you want to succeed at enterprise agile you need choices, not prescriptions.

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